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Rigid customer service agreement sucks

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    Re: Rigid customer service agreement sucks

    i like that. if it wasn't for where it's located, that'd almost make me want to move to michigan.

    but let's not forget. that amount of money isn't even a rounding error to the hardware area of the HD store where that saw was probably purchased.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: Rigid customer service agreement sucks

      Unfortunate. I hope they get to do something about it. Great customer service is a powerful tool in retaining a business.


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        Re: Rigid customer service agreement sucks

        Originally posted by Doctordeere View Post
        Judging by your one and only post here, I'm willing to bet that you were a total asshat to the CSR that was unfortunate enough to be on duty when your call came in. Generally speaking, very few CSRs are willing to go out of their way to help out an asshat. Call back at another time and behave as though your mother taught you proper manners. You might be surprised.
        Nice way to welcome a new member....with pure bias!!

        Nonetheless, I'm new here too...having about the same problem. My wife bought me the recip saw/drill combo on 12/16/2010. She knew I wanted Ridgid because I was tired of buying batteries and chargers for Dewalt's. I had looked at them at Home Depot and was told they had lifetime WARRANTY on batteries and chargers. I got it, and was happy with it for a few months. At that time, one battery crapped out. I took it to the store hoping to swap it for another one. They said they didn't swap, and that I had to go to a Ridgid Service Center.

        I called Ridgid to talk to them and find out where to take (or mail) it. I then find out that since I didn't register within 90 days, the WARRANTY was no good, and it was too late to register...I was just $h_T out of luck. Gee, thanks! I mean, if it's a 6 month warranty, I understand having to register within a certain period of time....but for a lifetime warranty, why does it matter when I bought it? I still have my receipt, but was told it's just too bad...too late. I went back to the Home Depot and talked to one of the employees, explaining the situation. He was nice enough to trade me one of his "demo" batteries for mine. Do keep in mind that it is stamped "recon" and won't be warrantied at all now.

        So, not long passed and the other battery crapped out...then the "recon" one did. I now have two bad batteries. I can't even drill out 2 aluminum rivets on a full charge!! Completely useless!! So I call Home Depot again, hoping for help. They said..."oh, well they are warrantied for 3 years. REALLY??? So I'm finding that all along when I said or was told the word "warranty" what people heard and meant was "service agreement." Therefore, I hobbled around for about 2 yrs with crappy batteries when I could have registered them and had new ones through WARRANTY!!

        I got on the Ridgid website today and guess what?? I registered the tools, even though they told me long ago it was too late!! When I called them and told them I had a bad battery, they never told me that I could still register and get a new battery UNDER WARRANTY. They were too busy telling me that I should have registered in 90 days and I was no longer for the LIMITED SERVICE AGREEMENT!!

        yeah, I'm a bit upset. Very poor customer service, for them to have a customer with a bad battery and play word games, rather than tell him how he can get it replaced!!

        Does anybody have some phone numbers I can call the corporate offices or any "big wheels" in the company?


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          Re: Rigid customer service agreement sucks

          Originally posted by Howard Ferstler View Post
          Seems as if the card-fillout arrangement is designed to have some customers accidentally miss seeing the fine print and therefore not signifying that they wanted the LSA, which would get Ridgid off of the legal hook should a claim be made.

          If anybody is being "petty," it is Ridgid with the design of that card.
          Exactly how I see it. It's playing deception and word games. You would think that a Lifetime Service Agreement is something you PURCHASE.. kinda like you buy a TV and you an buy an extended warranty or something like that. Then when you're told that the tool has a lifetime WARRANTY, you don't think much about any LSA. I mean, if it's got a lifetime warranty, why should I pay for more protection?

          It's shady, IMO. Here I am with 2 dead batteries, my original receipt, still within 3yrs, and I'm having trouble getting replacements. I think they should, since I have all documentation and even the original box, give me the LSA and 2 new batteries. I see no reason why they shouldn't.


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            I've had the exact same experience with the Ridgid rep, I had properly registered and have all the paperwork to prove it, copies of everything and the response was "We did not do our jobs and complete the process so screw you" According to our local home depot, ridgid is famous for this type of behavior.
            I wish I had seen this forum before I bought this piece of crap. I'll NEVER use another ridgid tool, even if someone pays me to.


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              Ridgid Power Tools have a 3 Year Warranty. But if you intend to register your tool with The LLSA, you need to properly register..


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                May as well keep this thread alive...

                Like the (long ago) OP, I also had a router go unprocessed for the LSA (it was not LLSA at the time,iirc). This was odd because I sent the registration in the same priority mailer as a sander & jig saw which were registered- and that sander has been warranteed a few times! Explanation was the same-we lost the paperwork, sorry.

                Here's the interesting point and the other side of the coin- the registered repair facility I once used is out of the Ridgid business. Why? Because he was not rejecting enough repairs as normal wear & tear/use and abuse and was having difficulty getting paid for his services rendered. I remember seeing a lot of Ridgid tools on his shelves, not just handtools.

                I never considered the LSA anything more than a marketing gimmick in the first place; if it's honored I consider it a bonus.


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                  Originally posted by teknition View Post
                  Re: Rigid customer service agreement sucks
                  [snip] You were instructed to send in a copy of the original receipt with a copy of the UPC code off the product box. [snip]
                  When I got my 3650 I off-loaded the packing because my shop is small. When I got the saw assembled I got to the warranty it said, "...the original UPC code from the carton". The carton was already at the recycling center. I called and asked about it, also commenting that I had the card and the register tape but, no go. My new saw essentially a bootleg product in their eyes. No matter how much I argued the point it was still no go. It took a lot to keep my lid on. At that time some of the 3650s had a blade spindle which wasn't threaded far enough. I was denied warranty service. Hard to love a company like that!



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                    I bought a Rigid drill with two batteries from Home Depot and painstakingly filled out ALL of the required information using the online site registration process. They go through great detail in telling you that your items are not covered by their warranty until the registration clears, which could take up to two weeks. Does that means you can't use the tool for two weeks in case something breaks? Within one week I received an email stating that the registration failed and I would have to snail mail all of the information that I sent during the online process and the original UPC code from the box. Why the hell do they need all of this again when I provided every bit of information they requested during the registration process. Also, they said that the process could take up to 6 weeks and that the tool would not be covered during that period! I dug a bit further and found out that a lot of other people were having to go through the same process. My feeling is that they reject everyone's initial registration attempt and ask for more information via snail mail, hoping that they will forget about it and continue using the tool anyway. They have made some people pay for certified mail which costs around $12 to send. I immediately sent their customer service dept an email stating my frustration and told them I was returning the product to Home Depot unused and that they have lost a Rigid customer for life. If they make it this difficult to register your product, imagine how difficult they will make it when you try to file a claim! No more Rigid products for me, ever. Too bad they did this to a first-time customer since it put a really bad taste in my mouth regarding all Rigid products. I have also told everyone I know to stay away from Rigid if they are after the so-called Lifetime Warranty. Good luck in trying to register and submit a claim.