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RIDGID LSA ....My 2 cents and it's all good

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  • RIDGID LSA ....My 2 cents and it's all good

    After reading sooooo many posts bashing the LSA, I thought I'd post my positive experience. My first purchase was in August 2009. It was the TS 3660 on clearance. I was on vacation and called to ask about the rebate and the LSA and what to do about the receipt. I was told to make 2 copies, send the original with the rebate, 1 copy with the LSA and keep one for my records. I did as told . I then registered online. I then mailed everything like I was told . Whenever I checked my acct online, it always said 3 yr warranty, LSA eligible, hmm. Fast forward to Dec 2010. I purchased a jointer on clearance. I registered online and mailed everything in, as I was told . About 3 months later, my acct said that the jointer was LSA registered. In May, I bought a 14" bandsaw on clearance, see the pattern here. When I tried to register online, it said my acct was being used by someone else, what the h**l. I called customer service ans spoke with a very apologetic gentlemen who said he would help me straighten it out. Well, I screwed up big time. You see, I moved in Sept 2010 and never changed my address to my acct. When I registered the bandsaw online, it was under the old address. When I mailed it in, it was the new address. This extremely polite, professional and courteous gentleman, fixed this for me, updated my address and without asking, turned my tablesaw warranty into a LSA. When I asked about he tablesaw, saying that I had mailed it in on time and all, he said " Sir, I already fixed that for you. We have had some issues with LSA agreements not being posted correctly to customers accts". What a very nice thing to do, before I asked. He said to check my acct that evening and all should be good. It actually took 24 hrs to get updated but hey, it worked.
    My point is, if you do what RIDGID asks, register online is an option, mailing it in is mandatory, you should have no problems. Keep a copy of all receipts and registration cards. How hard is that? To me, it's worth it to spend a few minutes to get the peace of mind.
    Just my 2 cents. Have a nice day!

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    Re: RIDGID LSA ....My 2 cents and it's all good

    Thanks for telling it like it is....ez as pie!


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      Re: RIDGID LSA ....My 2 cents and it's all good

      Great to hear. I had the same "no problem" getting all my Ridgid tools registered through the mail.



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        Re: RIDGID LSA ....My 2 cents and it's all good

        +1 Registering my tools into the LLSA Program was totally painless. I suggest that anyone registering a tool into the Program not only send in the proper paperwork that is required but also send along a Cover Letter that references all the important info such as model number, serial number, Dashboard login name and the Ridgid assigned ID Number. Yeah I know............... it's not required you do that but on the other hand it doesn't hurt to do it either.
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          Re: RIDGID LSA ....My 2 cents and it's all good

          That's all great, but I have a bit of an issue with the LSA round here. I have had all manner of RIDGID tools, some of which I've sold on, ALL of which I acquired at (in most cases VERY) discount prices on sale or rebate offers:

          TS 3660 Table Saw
          R4511 x 2 Table Saws
          R2611 Sander
          BS14002 Bandsaw
          R4330 Planer
          JP0601 Jointer
          Small Sander x 2
          2.25HP router x 4
          DP1550 Drill Press
          RS1000 RAS

          They're nearly all great tools (R4511 & BS14002 excepted), and they're all painlessly LSA warranted (save the RS1000). However, there's two issues:

          1. My local repair shop charges a bond upfront. You take the item in, pay for the bond. They fix it, claim on the warranty and then you get your bond back. If the warranty claim is denied, you settle up with them over the repair. Now if the item isn't worth repairing (say one of the small sanders), then you're bigtime out of pocket.
          2. The warranty claim may be settled by way of returning what you paid, according to the terms. Since I paid $23 for the sanders, when they die, the easy way to settle the claim would be to pay me $23 and tell me to go buy a new sander. Of course I on't be able to find one for $23.

          Lastly (not LSA related, but RIDGID warranty related) - the motor on my RS1000 RAS went out. Being a gray, lifetime warranty tool, I thought it would be repaired. Oh no. No spares, no service. RIDGID simply washed their hands of the RS1000s. Not all bad, I bought a used C-Man for $50, swapped the motor, claimed on the C-Man recall and got a free new blade guard and table for it. However, the point of warranties is that you shouldn't have to get involved in shenanigans like this.