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    I'd like to hear what everyone uses for finishing and any pros/cons of the equipment they have used.

    I'd like to get a HVLP system to apply stains and finish coats to furniture, cabinets, etc. What are the advantages of gravity or suction feed guns?

    Has anyone used the Wager Pro FineCoat 8800 or 9800?

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    been researching this for a while: don't know much about the wagner your talking about but the wagner conversion gun from gets great reviews on wood on line. if you have your own compressor its a good way to go. from what i understand you don't really want a suction gun for wood working you want a pressure gun due to the viscosity of some of the finishes. or use a gravity feed (top cup) especially if you have a small compressor (some of them take less air) but they can be hard to manuver. on the turbine system for wood working it seems that the 3turbine is prefferable to the 2 but they can get pricy in a hurry. I think wood did a review 2/3 issues ago not sure bill


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      sorry gave you the wrong link its while there check out the prices on the wagner you were talking about they are usually very competitive bill


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        Before sending it back on a recall, I had a twin-tank, 1 HP Ingersoll-Rand air compressor and used a syphon-feed "spotting" gun to apply a polyurethane finish to an old Lane coffee table and matching chair that I refinished last summer.

        The compressor supplied about five or six cfm at 40 psi, which was too little for a larger sized gun. Set at about 40 psi, the spotting gun worked well if I thinned the polyurethane by about 20%. I would have preferred lacquer, but that simply isn't available around here. In any case, I applied three coats and buffed with "0000" steel wool after each coat dried. (Before the next coat you want to make sure all "wool dust" is gone.) The final finish looks better than "factory" I think and I've had several nice comments from others.

        Biggest challenge I had was finding a dust free area to do this in. The compressor was adequate (although I will be replacing it with a larger capacity unit) for the small spotting gun. The gun itself is really designed for touch-up work and the top mounted, finger lever control is tiring. A larger gun is definitly in order, but syphon feed worked very nice for me. Also, being able to adjust the nozzle from a funnel-shaped spray to a fan-shape and adjust vertical or horizontal pattern is beneficial for various angled and shaped surfaces.

        Personally spraying it the only way to go. With the previously described setup, I even sprayed latex (thinned of course). Several years ago, I bought a new steel exit door and used the gun to paint it, using the dark brown latex that was used on the rest of the house's trim. No brush marks, or dripping, and 15 years later it still looks great. This past summer, I bought four pairs of vinyl shutters and after a very brief attempt to brush paint them, I grabbed the spray gun. Much better job and much faster. The latex with thinned by about 30 or 40% as I recall.

        I have no experience with those HVLP guns. I know at the plant, where they paint fairly heavy viscousity paints on large gas-process compressor equipment, they use siphon-feed guns.

        Hope this helps,



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          I was looking for the same thing.

          I recently bought a Ridgid compressor and then purchased the HVLP Porter Cable PSH1 sprayer.

          Also, I really neat attachment that you may want to look at that would aid in the cleanup of this is the following from 3M. It is called the PPS (Paint Preparation System). You will need a number 2 adapter.


          Works great!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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   is a good review.
            I have a wagner and it works well on light finishes. I have sprayed car finishes too. Latex it has a hard time with so I use my 80 gal 2 stage compressor/diaphram regulator with a 1/2" hose,3/8" npt hose connectors and a larger projector set if I am at home. Lowes has HVLP connector sets for 1/4" npt which allow larger air flow if you do not have the need to spray latex and want to use an air compressor. I have to add my Ridgid shop vac as a blower with the wagner turbine to get the cfm up for latex if I am not at home. I have the same gun but a Wagner Eagle turbine which is 5 psi and 62 cfm 2 stage. This is OK for fine finish. I can not understand why the turbines are so expensive. Do not waste your time on the non pressure feed gun systems such as HF or Rockler which are syphon feed.The price is very good for the gun.
            Air compressor/gravity feed guns(I have one too) are good but the transfer rate /waste is not as good as the turbine systems. The HF guns are very good and cost about $75, DeVelbiss guns are better and cost much more. You need a large output compressor,air filter/drier and the overspray is more. I use that gun at home for motorcycle/car spraying and smaller woodworking projects. It is lighter and easier to clean. Finish semigloss latex will not work in a gravity feed gun.

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