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  • Question for Rigid guy....

    I belong to the following forum: ...There is a post there in which may interest you concerning a recondition Ridgid planer bought from Home Depot, it is listed in woodworking tools forum and titled :

    Warranty Delemna / Ridgid Planer..

    The only reason I bring this to your attention is because I own a TS2424 table saw and I am extermely pleased with it, I hate to see the company get a bad rap for nothing...

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    I too am a member of the wood net fourm!
    Andy B.


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      To my knowledge the sevice center is supposed to repair the tool, clean it, get it back in working order, repack the box with any parts that may be missing and ship the product back to the store.

      In this paticular case I cannot say what exactly happened, but the unit should be clean and functional when the customer buys it.



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        I think you may want to look into this, the theard is not looking good and this guy is getting the run around at Home Depot and this will reflect on Ridgid on this forum..(trust me).

        This is upto you...

        I can ask the gentlemen if it is ok to supply you with his email address, let me know...


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          The gentlemen returned the Unit to Home Depot for a refund (They gave him a gift card for his trouble)....he now plans to purchase another brand...



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            Was the gift card for the purchase price of the unit? or an additional with the refund? I know if you don't have your origanal recept, HD will only give you a instore credit, to a refund or credit to your credit card.

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              Jake....... Your answer that, " should be....." is the typical response when nobody wants to take responsibilty for the problem. I get so tired of hearing your kind of response from employees that don't want to bother with taking care of a customer's problem. I mean after all, "It's not my job!" It is your job to find out what needs to be done, or who, specifically, that customer needs to deal with to get the problem resolved. But instead, you are doing the same thing that 80% of employees for most companies do, and that's to ignore the problem in hopes it will go away, instead of taking the responsibility of helping the poor smoe that paid his good, hard-earned money for your product so Ridgid can pay you a salary.


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                WOAH !!!
                Bashing HD is one thing. Bashing Jake, or fellow woodworker on this forum puts a flag up that says your on the wrong forums for such activity!
                Here we correct mis-spoken thoughts, share idea's, and help each other out...period. We DO NOT make personal insults!
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                  WOODY..... You're right, and I was wrong. JAKE..... Please except my apology for directing my ire at you personally. I sometimes forget that the written word doesn't always convey the true meaning and feelings behind our statements, like a verbal and/or face to face conversation will. I guess I forgot to put my mind in gear before I engaged my mouth [img]redface.gif[/img] I just wish that Ridgid and HD would work out the problems that the consumer has to face anytime we try to buy a Ridgid product. At first thought you would think that if other retailers were selling Ridgid, that because of the competition factor, HD would rethink the way they represent your products. However, it's not just a Ridgid product issue at HD. It's the same way with all tool products, not to mention the caliber of their staff.

                  In the future, I will try to think before I make a broad statement. My apologies to any that took offense.

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                    Old Rookie,

                    No offense taken, nor did I feel like you were bashing me. I think you were just venting the fustration you experience when you talk to someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing.

                    The truth is that I really have little influence on the functioning of the servicing centers who fix the tools. What I can do is pass that information of to those who do, which I do on a regular basis. I also contacted the individual with the planer, but recieved no reply.

                    If there is ever anything I can do for one of you guys let me know.



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                      Jake----I think the real problem is, at least at HDs around here, is that they don't send tools into a Ridgid service center----they just mark them down, damage, missing parts and all! Your description of how an actual Ridgid reconditioned tool is supposed to be done has saved me some headaches. Thanks.


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                        I have the luxury of living 10 inutes from the Ridgid service center in Elyria Oh. I have already expounded the virtues of their service dept. If it does have to go through the borg to get service then i feel the fault must be the on HD'S


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                          It would be soooo nice if Ridgid were available at places other then HD. Or even if you could buy the tools direct.

                          Love Ridgid. Hate HD.

                          JIm D.
                          By my hand As best I can.