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Quickly ad/remove a machinist vise from your Woodworking bench

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  • Quickly ad/remove a machinist vise from your Woodworking bench

    Sometimes I want to work on something that needs a machinist vise, not a woodworking vise. I have a good size machinist vise on the one bench (a 6" Bessey since you can't easily find a RIDGID vise in the USA) but its kinda cramped there and not always enough room to work something very long. So I took this 3-1/2" vise I had and made a quick mount for it so I could drop it into my end vise on the woodworking bench. It's shouldn't need much explanation, you'll have to size everything to fit your bench and vise, so dimensions are not of much help either.

    There's certainly nothing great about it. Just an idea that popped in my head a couple years ago when I needed more room to hold something in the vise. I used it again this morning and thought I would share the idea.

    It's nothing more than a length of 2x4 ands a piece of 1" oak. The vise is lagged into the 2x4 through the oak.
    The 2x4 is notched to fit around the end vise guide bars and screw.

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    Re: Quickly ad/remove a machinist vise from your Woodworking bench

    That's a great idea and practical too.
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