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How do I move and lift a TS2424 tablesaw?

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  • How do I move and lift a TS2424 tablesaw?

    I just got my TS2424 tablesaw, put it together in my garage because of the extra space but now need to move it into my workshop outbuilding. Poor planning! I thought I could just wheel it through the door but I think with the fully assembled setup, it is too wide. The work surface is 27x44 but when you add the fence rails and motor and the rear legs extending further back than the table, it appears too big. I might have to create a little ramp or something to avoid lifting the saw but I don't know if I can do that. The door is about 35" across. I have to raise the saw up about 4" for the threshold. I know that it is not recommended to lift by the cast iron extension wings. Anyone out there move this beast before? I am glad it is massive and stable and it does move well with the Herculift casters.
    1. What is the recommendation in lifting the saw?
    2. How much do I need to dissassemble it to move it (to allow for places to hold and lift)? Is removing the motor and front guide rail good enough?
    3. Is there anyone out there or in the Ridgid shops that knows the actual dimensions of the fully assembled tablesaw including legs and fence?

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    Ivan, Try threading a couple of 2x4's thru and under the body of the saw and then get help. Two people should be able to lift it stretcher style fairly easily. As for the dimensions, as I think I recall, they give them in the manual.

    Cheers, Ivor, Calgary


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      For most doors just removing the motor will be enough to fit through. Though its not the best way, lifting by the extensions will not hurt anything, just do not lift by the fence rails.



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        I was able to move the saw through my door by only removing the motor. That was great so I did not have remove the extension wings and fence rails and align everything up again. I was able to throw together a little ramp made of four long pieces of scrap 1" plywood, two on each side of the external door floor threshold. The nice Herc-u-lift wheels smoothly rode up the ramp with no problems. I did line both fence rails edges with packing tape to protect them in case the table hit the door jambs as it passed through.

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