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JP0610 Mobile Base Plans

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  • JP0610 Mobile Base Plans

    I completed the plans tonight, but it's too late to send out emails. So I will be putting together emails tomarrow night and sending them out. Full instructions on viewing and printing will be included.

    Plans include instructions and hardware needs.

    Anyone wanting to receive the plans send me an Email ( ) to get on the list.

    Also, I just want to say thanks to everyone for the praise on this project.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    Hey, Woody...

    Thanks to you for all of your hard work! Can't wait to get the plans as the JP0610 is next on my tool list.

    Stay safe!


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      You have gone way above and beyond the expected with your willingness to share the plans for your creation. It's apparent from your photos that a lot of carefull thought went into the design of this base. Nice piece of work and thanks again for sharing.
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        The plans have been sent out. I also sent a 2nd Email with some detailed photo's to help clear anything up I may have screwed up in the instructions.

        If anyone didn't receive the request, send me a private message with your email address.

        Anyone else wishing the plans, don't hesitate to email me for them.

        NOTE: For the heck of it, I put 2-16 penny nails on the floor tonight, spaced just right to hit both casters on the back side. I pushed at a pretty good clip and hit the nails. No tip, just a couple bumps as it went right over them.

        I then felt braver than I have ever before, and put a piece of 1/4" plywood on the floor with the same result. I'm confident it is no longer a backwards tipsy deamon.
        John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>