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MS1290LZ Front to Back Height Variation on Rabbets

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  • MS1290LZ Front to Back Height Variation on Rabbets

    I experienced the 1/8 variation in the height of my rabbets using a spacer board. Everything else about the saws setup - quality of cuts using the Rigid 100 tooth T3 blade for miters, compounds, and bevels was dead on after alignment. I called the Rigid Tech Support Line and they did everything they could possibly do to help me through this problem with the front to back height of blade change.

    The only available setting that might impact the height of the blade above the table slightly is the slider gib adjustment found on page 17.

    Making this is adjustment to change the height front to back is like shooting wild turkey with no light. You know what the direction is but not exactly. So I decided to go for the max in the direction I wanted so if I passed it at least I would know it was possible.

    I altered the bottom gib adjustments on the bottom to the max in terms of one being tight and the other being as high as possible in the direction I wanted which was down toward the table with the slide extented to the front while maintaining a consistently good slide action. I then adjusted the top gib adjustment for as snug as possible without binding the slide action.

    Then re-squared the blade to the table ising a Master Plate, a 5 inch machined block accutate within .5/1000 inch, and the 7 inch Incra Square guaranteed to 1/1000th of an inch along the entire blade. I like this method because the higher I go above the table the easier it is to see small alignment errors.

    The fence position was still dead on the mark after the gib adjustments. I would stil check if I changed the gib adjustments again.

    The end result is that the front to back rabbet is about 2/100th of an inch difference going front ot back on an 8 inch board.

    I am now a happy camper. This is a great scms. I would pay $300.00 bucks more in a heartbeat if there was something out there that was really better. The alignment direct to the table top eliminating the wings is the way to go in my book.

    Good Luck!