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    I am a new woodworker and owner of the 3650. I have recently purchased an 8" stack dado set. Can anyone reccomend a good reference source for setting up and using a dado blade?

    Thanks in advance.

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    HI ALT1,

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know a source (ie tutorial) for using a dado, although I am sure one of the other members may have one for you. I would recomend doing a search on making a table sled as this will help you.

    Tips for using a dado:
    - make a few shallow passes rather than one deep one
    - use a caliper - for width of dado and depth of cut
    - use a finger board to reduce chance of kick back

    Hope this helps


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      Setup is actually not very complicated. The two full plate blades go on the outside and the chippers and shims are sandwiched between them. The outside blades are not interchangeable and must be located on a particular side. The outside blade teeth have a beveled edge on some of the teeth, the low point of the beveled edge faces the inside of the stack.
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        Welcome---hope you're enjoying your new toy. Don't know how to set up the dado---let me guess, you bought a Freud. Great tools but famous for no or poor instructions.

        First off, if you haven't found a dado insert for your saw, you'll have to make one---do not use a dado without an insert plate.

        Second---try a search under "dado". I seem to remember giving a long write-up on how to set one up.

        Finally, as was said, take small passes, and NEVER, NEVER plunge cut for a blind dado---use a router.


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          It is clear that with some models of stack and safety dado blade sets that there can be clearance and alignment issues when used in conjunction with the RIDGID® Model TS3650 table saw. We apologize for any confusion or performance issues that they may have created for those of you who have experienced a problem of this nature. This problem does not occur with all dado blade sets so as a result RIDGID would like to provide you with this means of assistance should you have a concern with your TS3650 arbor and the use of specialty blades like dado sets.


          Our experienced technical support staff will quickly be able to diagnose any potential issues you may have with your TS3650 arbor. If you do have a problem, we will stand behind you and do what we can to supply you with a remedy so that you have the optimum performance, productivity, and enjoyment out of your RIDGID TS3650.