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3612 mounting a additional wing

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  • 3612 mounting a additional wing

    I want to add a wing in the empty space to the right of the cast iron wing(were the spacer bar is). I have a melmine board and some angle aluminum can I drill holes in the cast iron and also attach it to the fence bars? any sugestions will be a help.


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    What I plan to do is build a solid wood frame with a rabbet in the top edge. I'll drop in a melamine panel over the rabbets so that it sits flush with the top of the frame. This also lets you replace the panel after it wears (if necessary) later on. Then, mount the frame to the rails using t-bolts in the fence rails and by bolting the edge adjoining the cast iron wing to that wing using holes you will need to drill.

    In case you also want to add an outfeed table, consider the one available from the Woodmall. I used those plans on my outfeed table and it has been a great addition to my saw.

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      It will be easy to do since you have an abundance of saws out there to look at. the Ridgid rails also offer flexibility since they mount with sliding bolts (t-trak)

      I would head down to the local woodcraft if you can and take a look at a few of the saws. If not, look at the Biesemeyer or Jet website. They both have basic instructions on making your own. (it will probably be the easiest thing you have made, and can be turned into a router table later on.)

      Make sure to use melamine on the top and chamfer the front edge and seal. With the chamfer there, it is easier to slide large boards up onto the table. Also make sure to add support legs as the weight of teh table will make rails and/or the saw unstable.