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12" Miter Saw Alignment

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  • 12" Miter Saw Alignment

    I purchased the 12" compound miter saw a while back (MS1250), and to date I've been cutting primarily wood that is less than 6" in width. The cuts have been "perfectly square" for both vertical and 45 degree cuts.

    I recently started working with some 8" wide wood. I'm finding that on the last 2" of wood when cutting on a 45 degree angle (as opposed to vertical), the last two inches of wood seems to have a huge amount of drift - 1/8". It's terrible, but I've checked alignment, and when I make 90 degree cuts (vertical), the cuts are perfectly square.

    Anybody else having this problem with this saw and have a suggestion?

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    Sounds to me like the stock is moving. It is almost impossible to hold wide stock and cut at an angle while holding it with just one hand. There are several clamps that will mount on a CMS and solve that problem.
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