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Replacing a few parts on my TS3650 - questions

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  • Replacing a few parts on my TS3650 - questions

    I'm slowly doing a little rehab on my well-used TS3650 that I bought earlier this year. While everything works, the previous owner put a lot of miles on it.

    My rip fence wasn't quite square to the blade or table (noticed by locking it down and using the miter gauge slot as a reference), so I ordered a set of the plastic slide fence heads (ereplacementparts #827532) and installed them this morning. I hope that squares things up - literally!

    If my fence still isn't square after replacing these heads, any thoughts? Do I just adjust the blade to run square to the rip fence and then adjust the miter gauge to the blade?

    I had also intended to order a micro adjust bracket (part 101903) and the micro adjust wheel to go in it but accidentally ordered a fence lock lever (101904) instead. I intended to order the bracket because it was broken, but also thinking it might help hold things square. Will it help? Is it needed?


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    Re: Replacing a few parts on my TS3650 - questions

    Originally posted by quoheleth View Post
    ... Will it help? Is it needed? Thanks,
    no and no. that microadjuster has nothing to do with fence alignmant. it's purpose was to make small adjustments to the rip fence relative to the blade easier and more accurate. if your fence isn't parallel to the blade, it is adjustable per the owners manual:

    see page 45 for instructions on the adjustment of the fence to the blade. if the fence face isn't perpendicular to the table, as was a problem with some of the 3605/60 fences, you might try adding an auxilliary face to the fence using the slots in the fence's face an shimming the auxilliary fance face perpendicular to the table and about 1/16" above the table.

    if i were you, i'd spend some time with the owners manual, especially the adjustment secrion (PP 40-46) and disassemble a lot of the saw and reassemble it so you know it's done properly. this will also help you gain familiarity with the saw and what is right and what is wrong wirh it. crucial to the safe and accurate operation of any table saw is that the blade be parallel to the miter slots. second to that is that the fence is parallel to the blade. these 2 settings are probably the most important for any tablesaw.
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      Re: Replacing a few parts on my TS3650 - questions

      Read the manual....duh!

      Thanks - I'm quite embarrassed now that I didn't do that first.