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Got mt new TS3650

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  • Got mt new TS3650

    Got my new TS3650 and it is working great. The fence is awsome.

    I had a problem when I was putting the saw together, the 45 degree was jamming up when I was trying to make sure it was 45 degrees. The blade would only go to 37 degrees then jam. I tried loosening the bolts like it said in the manual, but no change. After a while of fooling with it, there was a loud snap and then everything was ok. I tried the saw and it is working fine. Is this a cause for concern.


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    I have no idea what the load bang was, but I would look that saw over very carefully. A loud bang could be something serious. Was there something in the way of the motor swinging to the 45 degree?

    Any way, if the saw is okay, you are really going to enjoy that new tool. It may not have a 3 hp motor, but it has enough power. I just finish cutting through 8/4 quarter sawn white oak with mine. I had to take it slow, but it got the job done. Good luck and I hope you don't find any damage to the saw. If there is, just take it back and get another.



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      Were/Are the travel stops for blade tilt set correctly? There are two set screws that run down through the table top that are used to set the 90 degree and 45 degree positions of the balde. If the 45 screw was set too deep it would have inhibited movement towards the 45 deg position.

      One other thought; you need to be sure the angle stop lock handle is positioned so that it will not contact the underside of the table as you tilt the blade. I referring to the handle that is on the front of the saw cabinet just above and behind the blade height adjustment handwheel. It is spring loaded and you have to press it in to disengage it to reposition the handle when locking/unlocking the blade tilt.

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