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Router bracket for Radial Arm Saw

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  • Router bracket for Radial Arm Saw

    A while back, I saw a radial arm saw RS 1000 (I think) that had a bracket next to the motor that held a router. Anyone know about such a contraption?

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    I'm familier with it only in that it was in one of the late Patrick Speilman's books on routers. I believe it was the "Router Bible", but I'm not sure. If I can put my hands on the title, I'll repost.

    In any case, I've been giving this device a lot of thought and problably will design something to fit my Craftsman RAS. I do not believe that anything is available commercially as it would no doubt have to be made for a specific the specific RAS model.

    As you are probably aware, such a device would mount to the saw arbor or yoke and would securely hold the router in position as an overhead router. Thus enabling the versatility of the RAD design to handle routing tasks.

    I hope this helps. But what I really wish is that someone would post with some really definitive infor about where we could acquire such a device.

    Merry Christmas,



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      I think this would be useful too. Did a quick search and found out B&D recently bought an idea that they may develop.

      · Router adapter (converts router & radial saw to radial router)
      - Sold to Black & Decker.
      · Unipoint Radial Arm Saw - Sold to Delta International Tools Co.
      · One Revolution Hole Cutter - Sold to Stanley Tools
      · OSHA Articulating guard for traveling saws. - Sold to HIT Products Inc.
      · Protecto Top for radial saws - Sold to Black & Decker
      · Self adjusting Doweling jig - Manufactured and sold direct to user
      · Non Reversing tapping head - In process of sale
      · Dove tail cutting saw blade - Manufactured and sold direct to user.

      Here's one patent from 1993

      and another from 1983'Router+ adapter'&OS="Router+adapter"&RS="Router+adapter"
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