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TS3650 and the power switch...

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  • TS3650 and the power switch...

    I love my saw so far, but maybe the one complaint is the power switch. Has anyone put in a foot switch, or something different? Thanks in advance.


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    IMHO, a foot switch for a table saw is just plain dangerous and should never be used. It would be way too easy to have an accident with one.
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      You bring up a good point, I should have worded it different. Basically, I'm just wondering if there is a better way to control the on/off switch on this table saw.


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        You could always just add a different switch. My saw has a push button on switch with a paddle flap for the off....I just tap it with my left thigh and never worry about taking my eyes off the piece.


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          As Dave said, a foot operated switch is asking for trouble, don't do it.

          You can buy and install a different mechanical switch or a magnetic switch. One advantage of a magnetic switch is that if the power goes out the switch releases (its basically a mechanical or solid state latching relay that seals in), so that when the power comes back on the saw is still OFF. With a mechanical switch such as that used on the TS-3650, should the power go out the saw will of course stop, but the instant the power is back its ON again. So a short duration loss of power such as could happen if someone hit a power pole or during a storm could be dangerous. With a magnetic switch the saw stays OFF.


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            I mounted the switch on mine on the left end of the rail. Seems to work out better there for me at least. The book says you can mount it any where you want on the rail.
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              I too like to left side mount so that my hip can shut down the saw without having to take my eyes from the work. IMO, a more viable and safer option than a foot switch.


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                On / Off Control

                Fully agree with Badger Dave's comments, avoid floor mounted switches at all cost's. What I do is really simple, use my knee, with the switch on the RHS I find it relatively easy to keep my hands free and still be able to go for a switch off.


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                  Source for replacement power switches

                  Speaking of power switches, if you are in need of a replacement switch and don't want to spend the rest of your life waiting on Ridgidparts to come through, go to and get their replacement keyed paddle switch. It looks to be identical to the Ridgid, Craftsman, and many others. I'll bet they all use the same supplier for this switch. The Griz switch is $3.95, probably cheaper than anywhere else, and you know Grizzly will ship it out ASAP, most likely before someone at Ridgidparts even picks up the phone or figures out which side of the stamp to lick.

                  [Sorry, but my experience with Ridgid parts did not go well, maybe your 'parts adventure' will be better.]
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