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  • RAS

    Any of you guys have the Ridgid RAS?

    I am looking to adding one to the shop and wanted some opinions good or bad of your experiance with the saw.

    I have been a very good boy this year and want one from Santa. (translated means my wife said I could get one.)
    I have a 10 table saw and a miter saw. Happy with both. Would like to add a RAS> I have been oogling them at HD>.......

    Thanks in advance.

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    It does not appear anyone has answered your inquiry. Why do you want a Radial Arm Saw? I have had one for 3 decades and I have to ask you why you want one? I only use mine for one thing and that is cross cutting to length and that can be done within reason with a good 12" chopsaw or a sled on your tablesaw. You cannot safely rip with a R/A and your chopsaw will cut your miters so why buy a Radial Arm?


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      Hello Ray and Gene,

      I too have been ogling at the RAS, but there are only two things that I could really use it for, and that would be to dado end boards... and cut boards beyond my chop saw, but all that money to avoid these hassles I would rather persevere than spend all that money and figure out where to put it.


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      Give me another beer, bartender.


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        My paw-in-law had a Sears RAS, and about 20 years ago I built a room in the attic of his house. The RAS was perfect for all the compound miter angles. An advantage over the compound miter saw I use these days is the width of material you can cut on the RAS. Other than that, I, too, can see little advantage in owning one now. There are a lot of other things on my list . . . like a good planer!

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          I've had a Sear RAS for some years. I now have it mounted to a 36" solid core door as a table. I find it useful to make 90 degree cuts and miter cuts my compound miter box cannot. Other than that, I have a jig I use on it to straighten wood.
          It is of limited use, but when I need it, I'm very glad I have it.


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            FYI; the Sear RAS I have is very nearly the same machine as the 'new' Ridgid RAS.


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              I've had the Ridgid RAS for a little over a year now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Aside from being able to crosscut much wider pieces than a SCMS, cutting dados is so much nicer on the RAS. My accurracy improves significantly by cutting the dados from above, rather than from below (on the table saw)
              I've build a workbench/lumber rack that is the same height as the RAS table, so I can easily handle long stock.
              You can get by with a cross-cut sled on the table saw, but long pieces are still awkward.
              Before the RAS I used a router to cut dados in longer stock, but with the RAS set-up time is significantly reduced if you are cutting several dados.

              I did get a pretty sweet deal on mine though, so it was an easier purchase to make than if it was full price.
              10% first time HD card purchase discount
              10% Christmas discount (Dec 2000)
              $100 trade in deal they did on the RAS and TS.

              Still, now that I have it, I'm glad I took the plunge.

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                I have a thirty year old Rockwell-Delta 10 inch, turret arm, RAS that I bought new in 1970. I use it all the time and love it. It is a whole lot more than merely a SCMS on steroids. I have used it to drill, to make moldings with the molding head, to cut dadoes, etc. Ripping is different than on a table saw, but I think all the hype about unsafe is overstated. You have to be careful and plan ahead. The saw is solid and holds its alignment and accuracy without any fuss. Merely my $.02 worth. Have fun and be safe.



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                  I have a 80's RAS and love it. I find it easier and faster to make cross cuts on longer lumber without having to balance and keep square against the miter gauge on the TS.