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TS2424 bent castor hinge plate

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  • TS2424 bent castor hinge plate

    I have been moving my saw the same 10 feet for the last couple years but today I moved it around a corner and noticed the castor doesn't want to turn. I took it off and the swivel castor and hinge plate is bent quite a lot. Should I just bang it back or call Ridgid? I love this saw but I think the castor system is below par.

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    I'd pound it back for now and try Ridgid---let us know if you're successful. You probably caught the caster in a floor seam. You might ask some people with the Herculift for advice---heard it was pretty good. If not, there are loads of options for you.


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      You need to change out to the Herc-u-lift system. Its far superior. I noticed recently clearance prices on it in HD. An associate said they don't sell as many because it comes on the new saws. Many HD's have them or the Herc-u-lift plus available at a discount. I have to roll my saw on and off a mobile workshop everyday and it has been a back saver for me.


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        Thanks guys. I'll check out HD