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making a crosscut jig for cutting wide boards on table saw

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  • making a crosscut jig for cutting wide boards on table saw

    I'm a beginer at using the table saw and would like to make a cross-cutting jig for cutting accurate cuts on wide boards

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    The easiest one is to make a panel cutting sled. You'll find plans in Norm's Jig episode and I think he explains it in a few others. You either need to make a hardwood runner (that fits inside the miter slot) or buy one of the runners Incra sells. Then, you (as accurately as you can) square it and attach it to a piece of good plywood (Baltic Birch---1/2"), any where from 2x3' to 3x4'----the size varies as to what you want. When you attach it, leave a little extra ply' that goes past the blade (BTW----if you have a right table extension, make the sled for the right side). You then turn on the saw and cut the oversized edge, which cut will now be even with the blade. Then, the hardest part is to attach a back cleat, that is exactly perpendicular to the cut you just made. The cleat goes on the back edge of the ply'----screw it down---don't glue----make a couple of test cuts to see if it produces a squared up cut. BTW---you should have done an alignment on your saw before making this, otherwise, the sled won't be as accurate.

    Now, there are those who will swear by a full-sized sled (with a platform/runners on both sides) but personally, I've never needed anything but this simple arrangement, which weighs much less than the larger units.


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      I use a panel cutter too. I made mine with the incra runners that Dave mentioned and also added a T-track, stop block and measuring tape. Here's a link to a few pictures that may give you some ideas:

      Bob R