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  • Router table insert question

    I bought the TS2412 mainly for the reputation and warranty. I looked at a VERY similar table saw from Craftsman and the two tables could have been identical twins so it got me thinking. The thing I liked about the Craftsman was the router table extension (Sears Item #00925351000 Mfr. Model #25351) that they (Sears)offer for it. Does anyone know if this will work on my TS2412? Or would I be better off going another route? ?(no pun intended.) Does Rigid offer something similar?

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    I forgot to point out that the Sears table saw did cost $50.00 more and the warranty wasn't even in the ballpark compared to Ridgid, which is the main reason I went with the TS2412.


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      Check around in the forum posts - About a week or two ago someone else had the same question, and the answer was that, yes, the Sears router table insert drops right into the Ridgid TS, and the bolt holes line up. I believe it was in reference to the TS2424, though.

      Have you seen the Sears insert? Since I'm too lazy to fight Sacramento traffic to get there and look at it, can you tell me if it has an elevation control, or do you have to crawl under the table and mess with the router?
      Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        crawl baby crawl

        no adjustments included
        Every project I start is a gamble.


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          I looked at the Crapsman router insert and decided I could build my own for less money.

          All it took was some MDF, laminate and a piece of plexiglass for the insert.

          I made a homemade fence that I clamp to my TS fence and it has done the job for me.

          I was so satisfied with the router table insert that I built a for my Porter Cable ocsillating spindle sander. The only drawback with this is I have to lift the sander out and replace it with a blank plate when cutting large boards.

          If you would like I can email a few pictures.

          Good luck.........Scott


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            I'm with Scott---after all, we are woodworkers why not build one---they're very simple. The DeWalt site used to have plans. Just don't use plexiglass---stick with phenolic for the insert--it's stronger.


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              ssg57, I would love to see pictures of your router table if you have them.


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                Give me your e-mail and I will send pictures.



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                  I fitted the Craftsman router insert on my TS2424, and used it a year or so but it hasnt worked out as I had hoped it would. There is quite a sag in the centre from the weight of my plunge router, which affects my cuts. Also I don't think I would buy anything again with an aluminum surface for woodworking as it leaves black marks sometimes. As soon as I have the chance I am going to build my own 'a la Norm' or similar. Thick MDF and laminate covered both sides, and well supported.

                  Cheers Ivor in Calgary


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                    My e-mail should now be available above this post.


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                      Thans Ivor. I just bought a benchtop table for my plunge router. I bought the cheapest one I could find at Home Depot and it will serve my purpose for now.

                      I didn't want to spend alot of money since I know that I will not have the space in my shop for a stand alone table. I definitly want to use an insert in the table saw. I would love to make my own.


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                        I machined a piece of plywood to fit in the open area on the right of the 3612 table, like a solid wood extension to the table (even with the table, doesn't interfere with the rip fence). I cut a round hole for the router bit and countersunk screw holes to mount my Hitachi plunge router. It works fine, and allows use of the saw fence with the router.

                        My design used a scrap piece of plywood that was too narrow (so I won't share pictures), and had to be reinforced (kludged) with other wood. It is clamped to the open cast iron grid of the TS3612 extension for stability. Mine is ugly but it works, and with a decent piece of wood to start with, would probably work even better.


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                          If you’re in the mood to spend approximately $300, Bench Dog has a nice one that will bolt right on the TS2424.