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Using a Dado with r4512

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  • Using a Dado with r4512

    I recently purchased a Freud sd508 Stacked dado for my r4512. The reviews I read claim how smooth a cut they made as well as how clean the bottom of the dado cut was. Unfortunaly I have not had the same experience with this combination. I am getting very small ridges at the bottom of the cut. It seems as though the arbor has a smooth spot where a normal blade would rest. However the installed dado blade tends to rest not only on the smooth spot but on the threads of the arbor.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this what I should expect...

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    Re: Using a Dado with r4512

    The two blades on the Freud set are not the same. Are you sure you installed them with the correct sides facing out? Having them switched will affect the quality of cut.


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      Re: Using a Dado with r4512

      I appreciate your suggestion, this is what I observed

      I did check the outside blades on the SD508 set I have... they both say this side out, which I ensured was correct when mounted on my saw... From what I can tell, the arbor is a slightly different size from the inner most blade, which rest on the smooth part of the arbor... the threaded part, where the chippers and outside blade rest, is a fraction smaller.

      Thanks for any help


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        Re: Using a Dado with r4512

        If you own a caliper, check the size of the arbor holes in all of the blades to make sure that they are all the same size. It's unlikely that the dado set is the problem but Freud like everyone else does make a bad product every now and again.
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          Re: Using a Dado with r4512

          I have the same problem with the bottom of the dado not cut properly.


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            Re: Using a Dado with r4512

            Not every dado set will get a smooth bottom cut even a Freud dado set. There will be some small ridges at the bottom.


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              Re: Using a Dado with r4512

              I am also using a Frued stack dado on my R4512 and have the same problem as Kmeuer. The quality of the cut is terrible. I have never had an issue with a dado cut until I bought this saw. Has anyone solved this problem?


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                Re: Using a Dado with r4512

                Hi kmeuer,

                You didn't say how wide (or deep) a dado you were trying to cut. The R4512 Owner's Manual, on page 43 (English language section) under the section "MAKING A DADO CUT", says "This saw is designed for use with an up to 8 in. stack dado (up to width of 13/16in., with a maximum depth of cut of 1 1/2 in.)." I'm pretty sure the SD508 Dado set will cut a wider dado than 13/16".

                Is it possible one of the chippers (or a shim) in your setup makes the dado blade just a bit too wide for the R4512? If you use an extra chipper (or shims) and it makes the blade too wide, one of the blades would ride on the threads and not the smooth blade-bearing surface as the other blade and chippers do, just as you described. Could this be your problem?

                I'm not familiar with the SD508 (out of my price range) but I have the SD208 which will cut up to a 7/8" (14/16") dado. I just got the SD208 and haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. Because of the limitation on the R4512's width of cut and the (slightly) wider ("just" 1/16" too wide) cut capability of the SD208, I will have to be careful not to exceed the saw's capabilities when/if I cut a really wide dado.

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