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Edge routing MDF

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  • Edge routing MDF

    Is it possible to edge route MDF?

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    Also, when painting MDF should I prime first and then paint?


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      I've just started working with MDF myself, but from what i've heard it's perfect for Routing because unlike wood, you have no knots to deal with nor do you have grain to deal with.

      The downside is it's pretty heavy.

      When painting most things, it's usually best to use a primer however, I'm not sure about MDF. The purpose of a primer is to help the paint adhere to the surface you're painting. The downside is cost and time.



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        Thanks. Just asked some other folks about priming and they suggested use primer because MDF is very pourous.


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          MDF mills nicely. The high glue content will wear carbides more quickly than solid wood does. Don't even think about steel cutters.

          MDF will take a sharp enough edge (at least briefly) to cut you. Be careful with the stuff. Water damages it quickly and permanently, particularly on the edges.

          It will raise a cloud of extremely fine dust that has multiple dangers. Take precautions that you don't breathe it. Also, don't allow the dust to collect on the floor, it is *extremely* slippery.

          Best thing I know of for "priming" the edges is glue size, which is available commercially or by mixing (some amount that isn't coming to me) water with regular white glue. Prime the whole panel afer sizing the edges, and you have a nice bed for your paint job.