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Router table for TS3650

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  • Router table for TS3650

    Just finished a router table for my TS3650, pics below. The fence in pic 2 is adapted from plans in the March '03 issue of American Woodworker mag.
    I can't have more than $30 in this, mostly for hardware.

    The feather boards work great - no washboard like I used to get when using my hands only to hold the workpiece against the fence. Also, the tall fence accessory works well with vertical panel raising bits. Dust collection is about 80% efficient.

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    Hello Lefty: Where are your pics? I need to build a router table for my new router. I do have a router table for my smaller router and it is made with metal, but my larger router dosen't fit. I am concerned on what to use to make the table top with as I don't want it to warp. Any suggestions on what to use for the top? Thanks Rose
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      I don't see the pics.Youre killing me man


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        Me too! I'm just about to build a router table and wanted to really know how you attached the table to the TS3650 while keeping the top of the table level with the CI wing. Did you use the fence rails? Did you add auxiliary legs/supports?



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          H, you do need support legs. I made one out of a Delta extension table that Rockler had in a sidewalk sale. They fit perfectly. Anyone needs pics, I'll email them.


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            hi golfmore,
            i would like pictures. i need to make a router table for my ts3650. email
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              best router table you can build for about 50$
              go on ebay and search for (tool stand) the all blue rand tool stand is 20$ (buy it now)
              + 1 4x8 sheet of MELAMINE from home deot or lowes
              and a 10$ router insert from sears and you have all you need for what ever size router table you need. use your imagination