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R4510 rip fence

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  • R4510 rip fence

    I have a R4510 and the rip fence just isn't square with table or blade unless I give the far end of it a nudge to the right, every time.
    How do I adjust this permanently?

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    Re: R4510 rip fence

    I have not seen this table saw but surely you have the manual that describes the fence adjustments.

    Most of the fences these days are the T bar design, I think thats what they call it, and so there are adjustment screws on the fence that are usually pads that engage when the fence is locked to the front fence rail.

    Adjusting those screws push the pads to engage the rail so that they can be tweaked for a straight to the miter and blade alignment or tailing away from the blade just a hair to avoid pinching/binding the wood between the fence and blade.

    Probably not the best description of their function but if you have this type of fence then that is basically how it works.

    Now if it is a split rail as I had on my R4511, then it could cause some rail flexing problems which I did have, so I replaced my fence system with a solid rail fence and problems ceased to exist, well for that issue anyway. Didn't solve my woodworking boo boo's, but thats a never ending story.