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BS1400 parts.

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  • BS1400 parts.

    Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of Ridgid so that I can order parts for the BS1400? I am needing a replacement dust port.

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    Re: BS1400 parts. would be a good place to start. Hey, I thought you had a Harbor Freight bandsaw?
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      Re: BS1400 parts.

      Well looking at his posts, he does have a HF bandsaw, and in 2008 posted a thread asking if the BS1400 port would fit. No-one replied. I guess no-one has both machines.

      Even if it doesn't fit out of the box, I'm sure it could be adapted to fit. However, I used to have a BS1400, and the DC was as poor as the rest of the saw. Apparently you either get a good BS1400 or a bad one. I had a bad one. Had I got a good one, and kept it, I think I would have cut a hole in the lower door and bodged a 4" port onto it.


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        Re: BS1400 parts.

        these guys have ridgid parts:

        Ridgid Power Tool Parts and Ridgid Parts Diagrams

        they are usually less expensive than
        there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.