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Changing blades on TP1300

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  • Changing blades on TP1300

    I am trying to change the blades in my new TP1300 (turn them over to the new, sharp side.) Three of the screws that hold two of the blades are so tight that the light-weight 8mm wrench supplied with the planer simply spreads and "burrs" the head of the set-screw. Now I cannot budge the those screws, and thus cannot complete the change of the blades. How can I get these "burred" screws loose; how to I re-tighten them, once the blades are changed? Do I have to completely dismantle the cutter head to get these @#!! things out?

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    I would use my needlenose vise-grips to get them off.REPLACE the damaged bolts. Throw that wrench that came with the planer in the garbage.Buy a decent open end wrench for future use and grind some off the side so it fits in the cutterhead real good(you know,thinner!) to loosen the bolts.Make sure you clean out your cutterhead real good. I use mineral spirits,Q-tips,toothbrush,rags,and an air compressor. Any debris in there can make your blade uneven!!! Also, DO NOT muscle the bolts down,just good and snug. Good luck!!!


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      Rod- I just went through this myself! I stripped two screws with the supplied wrench. I called rigid and found out that there was a wrench and screw change. The nice lady sent me free of charge a new wrench and a new set of screws. I had to use a air jig saw to cut out the stripped screws. Took me an hour! If you don't have a pnuematic saw your probably going to have to do it by hand with a hack saw blade. Good Luck - Kris [img]smile.gif[/img]
      - Kris


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        Mine were snug but I managed with a bit of persistance and careful pressure. I remind you of the obvious - the old blades may be dull and need changing bit they can still do damage (spoken from experience).

        Hey Jake, any problems with using a little WD-40?


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          I see that this thread is nearly 4 years old now, but today I had the exact same thing. Three screws that are too tight to move with the wrench that just bends open. Actually it bent open and rounded the edge of the screw and sent my hand sliding down the planer blade. A few hours later the bleeding has stopped but not my anger at the poorly designed square head screws, which round-over with the slightest pressure. How do I tell if I already have the "new" wrench and "new" screws with my planer. If what I have is the improved version this thing is going to be returned tomorrow.