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Stopping 3650 Startup Vibration

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  • Stopping 3650 Startup Vibration

    I admit I'm picky. I love the 3650, but haven't been happy with some vibration at startup. Pulleys were aligned, Belt tension correct, casters not holding saw up, etc. The saw couldn't pass a nickel test and a 6" metal scale laying on the wing danced all over the place.
    I noticed yesterday that the motor was jerking and moving at startup. I found that where the slot in the motor bracket slides past the fiber bushing, the motor had 3/32" of side play. The motor seemed to stop at the left of the play, when it started the belt pulled it back over to the right side. So, it was starting with the pulleys out of alignment.
    I put 2 fiber washers around the fiber bushing removing the play, but still letting the motor slide freely.
    There is almost no vibration at startup now, and I'm a lot happier. Nickel test? most times, but not every start and I ain't worried about it anymore.
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    If I were you I would walk back through the set-up. Something is not just right.