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Warrantee is a joke

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  • Warrantee is a joke

    Purchased 10" compound miter saw sometime ago and have used it lightly around the house. I was in the middle of finishing my basement when it quit working. I called Home Depot and was assured that I could bring it it and exchange it for a new one. When I got there I was told that their policy has changed and tools are now sent out for repair not exchanged. I was charged $35 to ship the tool out too a third party repair company. After 2 weeks, I got a call stating that my tool could only be repaired if I paid an additional $231 because the motor and switch arnt covered under the warrantee. After several very non-helpful phone calls to Ridgid, and 3 hours of my time, I find out that pretty much all parts are excluded from that warrantee. I will never buy a Ridgid again!!!!!

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    Re: Warrantee is a joke

    See my answer to this identical posting you made in the LLSA thread and one other one. Not sure what you feel you're accomplishing by posting the same thing in three different forums but it sorta makes you look whiney.
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