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    What advice can you give on reducing leg and feet fatigue from standing on cement floors? Shoes, boots or mats, anything that would be helpful.

    Bucko from Sniperville!

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    Think you pretty well answered your own question. Concrete floors can produce leg, foot and back fatigue. I think the most economical things you can do are:

    -Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes, with good support. If you still have a mailman, who walks his route, ask what he/she wears. You could also try some of those new gel-pack shoe inserts.

    -Don't waste your money on mats advertised as "anti-fatigue." They simply charge more for something you can buy as just a plain mat. HD sells some pretty good mats, with have key-hole shaped edges that interlock. Put them in front of your workbench, tablesaw or where ever you work a great deal. They're easy to move where you want them and easy to knock the sawdust off of them.


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      My wife found some mats that looked exactly like Astro-Turf, except that they were gray, for her use in front of the washer and dryer. I found they work very well in the workshop, and my wife is now out looking for some more mats to replace the ones she lost.


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        Got to mostly agree with these guys on the advice. I think HD has some interlocking mats in multi-colors that are sold for kids playrooms etc., but just might work and seem to cost even less that those cited.I have spent most of my life selling shoes so I have a bias about wearing good footwear, but it is not a cure all.
        My advice: be sure you are wearing good shoes (shoes and boots designed to do the job you are asking them to do.) In this case a pair that would give you good support and relief form standing on concrete for long periods of time, and,of course, shoes that fit. As we age our foot size changes. Almost any adult's foot will change size every few years (we tend to get longer and wider). Several reasons for this, but with each foot containing some 26 bones and at least as many tendons, etc. these get steached over time. Find a good shoe store and ask them to carefully measure your feet.(A majority of us have different size feet too, fit the big one).
        Be aware that foot size is a combination of toe length, arch length, and width. Most cases of wrong sizes I have seen are a misfit in arch length and width, especially the arch length. This seems to be the variable most overlooked. Most of us tend to wear shoes too short and too wide. I like Red Wing Shoes myself, but there are other good ones as well. Just make sure to get a good fit (much rather have one a little too big than too small, but good fit is good fit). Also remember that shoe sizes vary even within the same brand. When you get your feet measured the "size" recommend will be near what works best, but also remember the size on the shoe is just a number, it has to fit your feet and you are the only one that can really tell if the fit is comfortable. A good shoe person will offer sound advice and guidelines but he or she can't feel what you do.
        Two warnings: Most shoe stores today do not train or equip their employees to meause feet,and even if they can measure your feet so many brands only offer 1 or 2 widths. Not the way I think it should be, but that's life. Also it is better to buy and fit shoes late in your day. Our feet tend to swell as we spend hours on them. A pair fit early in the morning will be probably be tight by late pm.
        Good insoles can help, the gel ones are good but others may work best for you. A good brand of insoles and other foot care products is SPENCO out of Waco, TX. Company founded by an MD. I highly recommend these.
        Now some other hard learned leasons: About your overall health. Good diet (healthy food) helps circulation and thus better conditions for feet and legs. Quickest way to help feet this way is via massage and apple cider viniger. Let me explian: Get your better half or other to rub your feet a few minutes each night, if possible (it helps to have them clean and smelling good first). Get a good semi-stiff bursh (nylon or similar, about the size of your hand) and brush your feet for a few minutes each night. This helps circulation and gets rid of old dead skin (this builds up because of socks and shoes) most of your other skin is exposed and doesn't have this problem. You will also be amazed how relaxing this brushing can be.
        Now the apple cider vinager (not the usual stuff in the grocery). Good ACV at the health food store. Braggs is the brand I use. Look up . Mix a "cocktail" of 1 or 2 Tlbs of ACV and an equal amount of either honey or 100% natural maple syurp together with 6-8 oz water and drink 1-3 times a day.(This receipe in on the side of the bottle) You will be amazed how this helps your overall health and I think you will notice some diffence in you legs and feet within about 7 days. If not then I don't think you have hurt yourself by drinking the ACV.
        Man, I am long-winded. This post is entirely too wordy and I am sure I am boring most of you to death, but the advice is free so don't complain too much.
        I hope this long post is of some help and I will be glad to offer other hints if any have questions.

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          Thanks I'll check out the mats at HD. I had looked at some Red Wings, but of course the did not have the right size. I'll have to find a good shoe store.


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            Good work shoes really make a difference. I worked in a auto plant. Could not believe the workers that wore old worn out shoes to work because they did not want to "ruin" a good pair. After getting a good pair of shoes as mentioned above also try putting cardboard or a piece of plywood or particle board on the floor. Either will add a little more cushion and will also help insulate your feet from the concrete. We tried all kinds of things in the plant and the two mentioned did as good as anything else.

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              Great info on the shoes. I like Rockports, probably because the have a thin jell pad under your foot.

              I have heard of the ACV cocktail before. I just have never known anyone who has tried it. Very interesting and as they say " It couldn't hurt"



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                Just curious: Has anyone had any success with the ACV. If you have tried it for a week or two have you noticed any difference? If so, what?
                This has truely made a big change in my life. It's not the only change I have made, but I credit this and a much needed visit to my dentist with turning around my health. Just curious.
                thepapabear<BR>When a bureaucrat has a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.