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  • Wobling Dados

    Hi folks! Just signed up and this is my first post after having followed this Forum for a few months. Seems like a very respectable forum with seriously helpful people.

    Have just received as gift a wobler dado 7" from my daughter. Have never used one; always used a router in the past. Would appreciate advice on how to mount it on my TS 2424. How does it perform compared to stacked dados? Can I fabricate an insert for it out of wood?

    Many thanks for any help out there.... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    The wobble daod leaves an arc in the bottom. The stacked doad is the best. I use the Jesada 8" dado set. I hope you have the 8" dado insert. If not it is ridgid part AC 1030. Hope this helps.

    [ 04-10-2002: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
    Andy B.


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      Set the dado for the width you need. Next set your depth. Lastly, take a scrap board and "crosscut" it with the dado blade. Here's the neat part: without moving the board after you groove it, back it up over the little plastic thingy set into the cast iron table of the saw. Take a pencil, and mark the outside and inside line of the groove you just made on the plastic insert. Now, if you were careful, all subsequent dado's should be right where you want them. Hope this helps.........Dawg [img]smile.gif[/img]
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        Thanks guys for the valuable info. Since the wobbler dado is a gift, I'll just practice making grooves with it till it breaks and then get me one of those stacked dados. Now I know what that little plastic (rubber?) thingy is for!

        When I mount the wobble dado on the arbor, should I tighten it good (or else the width setting might budge)? I read somewhere that the nut should not be tightened so much against the blade on the arbor as the rotation will do the trick.

        This is a really great forum! Many thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          Nope, make sure it's tight.......dawg
          He who dies with the most power tools wins!


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            on saw blades only you can get away form putting all your weight on the arbor nut! I like to ues the bump stop methid when I put saw blades on my saw and only saw blades.
            Andy B.


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              Got it. Thanks guys!


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                As a gift dont knock it, but it idoes create an arc in the dado. I did not care for this and gave mine away ( Och, it was $ gone) I have a stacked by freud and about as happy as one can be, I would opt for a beter madle next tine.. It all depends upon justhow goood that you want the dado to be. Some like it one way and others like it stacked. Just remember ..KEEP YPUR FINGERS OUT OF THE WAY as dado baldes a a MEAN CUTTING MACHINE. Hope tat this is a small help to you ..Pratice, practice and then do it again. dd


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                  Thanks for the advice dd. Really appreciate it! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] Have used the dado making panels and I got pretty good grooves 3/8 x3/8. Wife is pleased. She gave it to me...


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                    The wobble will be fine for making shelves for the workshop. It can also be useful for narrow dados because it arcs worse on wide cuts. If you are building an entertainment center or something "nice" you will want a Freud.
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                      It is clear that with some models of stack and safety dado blade sets that there can be clearance and alignment issues when used in conjunction with the RIDGID® Model TS3650 table saw. We apologize for any confusion or performance issues that they may have created for those of you who have experienced a problem of this nature. This problem does not occur with all dado blade sets so as a result RIDGID would like to provide you with this means of assistance should you have a concern with your TS3650 arbor and the use of specialty blades like dado sets.

                      PLEASE CALL RIDGID TECHNICAL SERVICE AT 1-(866)-427-8177.

                      Our experienced technical support staff will quickly be able to diagnose any potential issues you may have with your TS3650 arbor. If you do have a problem, we will stand behind you and do what we can to supply you with a remedy so that you have the optimum performance, productivity, and enjoyment out of your RIDGID TS3650.