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Making a bookshelf

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  • Making a bookshelf

    I'm making a book case and routing the dado's for the shelves in each of the verticle sides of the case.

    Question is, what is a foolproof way to make sure I route the dado's for the shelves in each side at the same verticle measurements? I dont think I'll be able to lay the two sides side by side and route across both at the same time because they are going to be too deep. Any other ways of doing this?

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    You could do this by cutting spacer blocks

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      Another suggestion is to clamp the two boards side-by-side and route the dados in each side at the same time.


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        Place both boards side by side and draw your line where you want your dados to go onto both boards. Then clamp a board across both boards to where the router bit will be on the line and cut it out. It's pretty simple. I made one for my shelf a while back. You can rout all dadoes in about 15 min. "Norm" taught me everything I know.....Donny