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Card Scraper Sharpening

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  • Card Scraper Sharpening

    Saw this video and thought, "He's burnishing wrong." I've always raised the burr along the edge of a scraper not the face. Does anyone else use this method?

    Card Scraper video

    The part I'm talking about starts at 6:30 - 7 minutes.

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    Re: Card Scraper Sharpening

    I have always just done the edge, but he did in a since, he did the face first, and did the edge,

    I have never done the face, like he did, but I may try it next time I need to use one,

    thanks for the video,

    just did a search, and here is a site that suggest a similar process,
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      Re: Card Scraper Sharpening

      Wow, I learn something new every day! Who knew a piece of steel was so useful?
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        Re: Card Scraper Sharpening

        I do it like the video. Except I don't raise the burr on both sides of the edge then turn the burrs; I raise one side, then turn it, then do the other side (hanging the fresh burr from the first side just off the edge of the table so as not to damage it.

        I never fool around with the block of wood for filing. Just clamp the scraper in a vise with smooth jows and draw file a few strokes.

        And I never polish the edge. Waste of time, and murder on waterstones.


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          Re: Card Scraper Sharpening

          Do you think he uses enough oil!
          For my first draw after filing and honing I draw out the cutting edge and then burnish my cutting angle, when the edge becomes dull I draw the sides and then burnish the cutting angle. I find I can do this 3 or 4 times before I need to file and hone.
          I also do not need near as many passes with the burnisher to get a nice sharp edge 3 max to raise burr and 1 or two to set the angle.