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Converting TS2424......for Jake.

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    I cannot find tapes that go on the rail that are as nice as the original. Has anyone got the ones for the currrent model and tried to use them. I heard thy are a bit too wide. I have looked around but the only ones I found that I liked were from woodcraft. They were over $25 for both. This is about double all of the others. I would really prefer to have the metric side nearest the saw table. It does not sound like a big deal but the one I bought was the opposite and I found it very hard to read. The pointer on the fence is not tall enough.

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      I made a router table and I did not use any of the hardware listed by Big J. Just make sure that the width dimension is 27". You can shim with washer if necessary. I will post a picture when I figure how to.


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        I just added a cast iron extesion that I bought from a forum member and slid the rails over. I carefully peeled off the indexing and re-attached after re-alignment. Works well...and cost about $25!
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