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  • Ts table extender

    The other day I needed to cut some panels from 4X8 sheets of plywood and I needed a better edge than I could with a circular saw. (My dad always said I could do scroll work with a circular saw) My TS 3612 would not go to 42" so I put my 6" jointer at the end of the saw and used it as a table with a fence. Alignment of the jointer fence to the TS fence was made easy by bumping the jointer and using 2 boards and some C-clamps to hold everything in place. It would be nice to have a 48" fence but I dont have the room or $. Hope this helps someone else in a pinch. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    If you have enough large sheet goods to cut, you could always slide the fence rails off to the right about a foot in order to cross cut the center of a 4x8 sheet. This will take all of 1 minute; the problem is that the fence should be checked for alignment and possibly realigned when you return it to the original position.

    Alternatively, use a good straight edge with a circular saw. Just some other approaches to keep things interesting.