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Blade Heeling Adjustment Problem

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  • Blade Heeling Adjustment Problem

    I tried to adjust the blade on my TS2424 by following the procedure in he book step by step. Everything seemed perfect until I made a cut. I then checked the alignment again and found the rear blade was about 1/32" healed towards the right side of the table. I then raised the blade 3" and rechecked the blade alignment and it was good. I repeatly performed the blade alignment many times with a same result. I conluded that there maybe a problem with the blade raising mechanism that causes the alignment to change. One of the past messages, someone had had the same problem and Jake wrote that the arbor housing with the pivot hole bored out of parallel of the bearing hole.
    My questions are: Is there anythingelse I should try to correct the problem or to confirm the arbor housing is defective. As a last resort, can I call customer servive and obtain a new arbor housing w/o charged. Thanks

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    Drop me an email and I will see what I can do.