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    I was thinking of of buying a Ts3650 saw and would like to use it to cut dado's 13/16 wide and smaller. Is this saw capable of doing so with a normal stacked dado blade without the adjustable outer blade? Does the adjustable outer blade on the Freud SD608 make it to wide to fit on this saw? or is the saw only capable of cutting 9/16 wide dado's with every or any dado blade?

    I have posted this before but only got 2 responses. Both where different. I'm hoping to get more info before i purchase this saw. Also if you can use a conventional stacked dado blade on this saw to make 13/16" dado's, Wich do you recommend.

    Thank you for any advice you can give me on the subject.

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    Yes, the 3650 will cut up to a 13/16 dado with a regular stacked dado set. I have an Oldham Signature dado set from HD for about $80. It works just fine.
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      Thanks for the reply, Very helpfull. I think i'm going to buy the saw this week.
      I'm also going to buy a dado blade. Do you think i should shell out the extra money for a well known brand, or is it better to chose one based on how many teeth.
      Thanks again,


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        You might want to look at the below link, then click on the 'Tool Test' link next to 'Dado Blades'. They give a pretty good side-by-side comparison of many different dado sets.


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          Thanks for the article, It had lots of good info. I'm looking for a clean cut, rather than a fast one so i think i'm going to get something with a negitive hook tooth.



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            I have the SD608. The 3650 arbor will not allow all the chippers to be used at once and the arbor wrench doesn't fit. I had to make one. The SD608 dado is a great blade but the width limitation is about 5/8" when used on a TS3650.