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Handy tip for loosening the trunnion bolts

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  • Handy tip for loosening the trunnion bolts

    This applies to ALL of the trunnions on your Ridgid table saw. I have the TS2412, but this will work for all models.

    I know the rear trunnions aren't ususally a problem to get to, but I have read were people have to do things like tilt or lower the blade to get to the front trunnion bolts. You need not do this anymore. Being the lazy guy that I am, I wanted to find a way to get to these without all of the hassle so I looked around at all of my tools and came across an old Craftsman speeder bar socket wrench that I had used as a T.V. Antenna installer 10-15 years ago. I attached a 6 inch extension to it and then the shallow well socket of the proper size and from the bottom of the saw stand I could reach up and get all of the front trunnion bolts and they were very visible through the blade angle gauge slot. I hope this helps someone.