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TS2412 heel alignment questions

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  • TS2412 heel alignment questions

    I have noticed that some of you refer to the microadjust for the rear trunions. I know that my 2412 doesn't have them, but I was wondering if I purchased a replacement micro-adjust for the 2424, would it work on my saw or is there something I can get 3rd party for my 2412?

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    actually the 3612 is the saw with microadjust trunions isn't it?


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      That trunnion was introduced on the TS2424-1 model. Don't recall if it interchanges onto the TS2412, but I think Jake has addressed it on forum. You might be able to find the answer with the search feature.



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        yes but third party
        Andy B.


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          Thanks. I'll give it a shot. I don't need them right now though. I have purchased the A-Line it basic for 59.95 at my local Woodworks store. Using the 2x4 and hammer method, I was able to get my heel adustment to .0025 according to the dial indicator. This is witin spec, eh? My fence was at zero but I set it to be .005 out at the back to reduce pinching. Worked like a charm.

          I was also able to check the arbor flange runout with the basic a-line kit and it was .0005. I noticed on earlier posts that this is well within spec. I had to check because I bought two new blades and they both had exceccive rounout at .013 and .015. After checking it with the 24T Ridgid blade that came with the saw, I found that it was only out .004. All of my runout measurements are total indicated runout. The two blades that had bad runout were Oldham 40T and Black & Decker 60T. I guess you get what you pay for.


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            How embarrassing. I can't believe my typing. exceccive should have been excessive. I meant to change that before posting.

            "measure twice, cut once" is the number one rule of woodworking.

            message boards should have "spellcheck twice, post once". as it's number one rule.