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Toy Box Lid Support Trouble

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  • Toy Box Lid Support Trouble

    Guys this is my first post here because I need the advice of some guys with more knowledge on this stuff than me! I just finished building a [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]toy [COLOR=blue! important]box[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] this week. I ordered 2 of the toy box lid supports from Rockler, both mount to the back wall of the box and up to the lid. I went directly by their installation instructions, but I didn't realize the instructions are for a 3/4" back wall. When I installed them on my box the lid will not close all the way, likes about 4 or 5 inches from closing! I know this has something to do with my box not having a 3/4" back wall but I don't know how to make these supports [COLOR=blue! important][COLOR=blue! important]work[/COLOR][/COLOR] for my box?? My box has a 3/4" plywood back wall and it has a piece of 1X4 Poplar trim all the way around the top attached to the back of the box. My piano hinge is mounted to the poplar trim. What can I do to make the supports work? I can post pics if it helps.