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    I purchased a 3612 in Dec and I have a question. Are the table edge and the miter grove perpindicular to each other? in other words when I aligned my fence to the miter slot it and I slid it over to the edge of the table and locked it down the fence was further away from the table at the rear than at the front. I slid the fence back to the edge of the miter slot and locked it and it was right on, both to the rear of the table and the front. I slid the fence back to the edge of the wing and off again! I figured the table was not square with the mitre slot, but shouldn't it be? Has anyone experienced this, or is this the norm, or did I just get a bad saw? Any suggestion would help. Thanks.

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    Non-expert that I am, I'd look at your wing extension mountings and then your fence rail mountings. Each has to be dead nuts. Mine came that way out of the box. The manual describes the adjustments you might have to make and there are plenty of shims in the supplied parts.

    The fence is the whole reason for a table saw and Ridgid supplies the best, by far, within its price range.


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      As long as the fence rails are perpandicular to each other, the fence can be adjusted to the miter tracks, and the trunnion to the tracks as well.

      There have been several posts about the webbed extension wing being out of square and causing problems. Check your wing extension with a reliable square first thing.

      Ridgid is #1 for standing behind thier products, and a replacement if it is not square is just a free phone call away. Found on the oval magnetic sticker in the packet with the manual. (1-800-4-RIDGID)

      Welcome to the wonderful world of Ridgid Machinery!
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        Square with the miter slot is what you want to worry about. Make sure the blade is parallel to the miter slot, then make sure the fence is parallel to that same slot. As long as those two adjustments are correct you should be able to make a good cut.

        As Woody suggested, place a straight edge along the front of the table and make sure you see no gaps. The extension should be straight with the front edge of the main table. If not call 1-800-4RIDGID for a replacement.



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          Just a thought on the possibility of the extension being out of square. Is there any reason you could not swap the two extensions (assuming the other one is square)? Seems like this would solve the problem. If the left extension isn't perfectly square, it's not really a problem.

          Admittedly, I not as experienced as some on this forum, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.



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            I really hope that I dont have to do anything like that, I really dont want to have to replace it and spend all that time assembling it. I was thinking of shims. But, the HD store here doesn't have them. Anyone know where else I can get some shims? I figure the brand of saw doesn't matter, but then again I could be wrong.
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              Are you talking about shimming the fence rails or the extension?

              Also, my suggestion of switching the extensions would probably be a faster fix than waiting for a new extension to arrive.

              If you use shims, you'll basically have to at least loosen all the bolts, so why not try the swap. Of course, check to make sure the other extension is square first [img]smile.gif[/img]

              My saw came with several (about 10) brass shims. I didn't use any. If your saw did not have any, contact Ridgid & have them send some out.



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                Yeah, I think I may have a badly ground wing, I went out to the shop tonight and put the long edge of my square up agains the table edge and its seems to be straight. When I put the same edge on the wing it kind of rocks, just slightly, but it rocks. If I put the edge on the seam between the wing and the guessed it, it rocks. I'm ordering a straight edge from Lee Valley tonight and will check the entire front edge when it arrives. I may have to do some creative shimming because I think the uneveness of the wing is right in the middle of the wing itself. I will probably just have to get another wing.
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