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  • TS2424LS

    Hello All,
    Hang on guys I'm new at this. Ok here we go.

    A trip to the local HD one late night I discovered a HD employee hauling off a tattered and torn Ridgid Table Saw box,when asked about the saw,he said it was on its way to the dumpster.I nearly fell over at the thought,and asked if I could purchase the saw.
    A manager was brought into the decision and explained that the saw had been missing parts,he then explained that HD was not responsable but could assit in ordering the replacements.
    The final price "drumroll pleeease" 25 Bucks.

    Wow, I said and jumped right on it.The saw came with table,motor,guard,extension wings,miter gauge,handwheels,and a bag full of nuts and bolts.

    Needed is the Rip Rails and fence system,the stand,and Herc-U-lift,and the belt, my brother a seasoned carpenter gave me a 10" Tenryu Pro Series blade(this means nothing to me I read it off the blade).
    I have been clicking my way thru the web for several days,I've gone thru all the replacement parts and accessories for this saw,and decided to use genuine Ridgid parts.The fence will be replaced with the AC1036 unit,and the standard belt.
    But this is my problem, the legs,there is a
    Universal Leg Set AC9910,I know I can get a Herc-U-lift for it AC9950, but will the TS2424 fit on this Leg Set?
    Thank You in advance for your replies,and sorry for such a novel.I did look into buying the leg set for the saw in pieces,but this would cost me a ton,any suggestions?
    Thanx Again.

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    I think the Herc-U-lift plus will fit the leg set that you want to buy. I'm not 100% sure
    Andy B.


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      Why don't you call Rigid Tools(the number is on the saw)and tell them your story,they may help you out with some of the missing parts.It's worth a try,they're good people.


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        Wow! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!!! Good going.

        If you go to Rigid parts, you can download a copy of the maunal and there are detailed drawings of the parts/per assembly. Copy these and check against your saw. I'd then call Rigid with your missing list and ask about the leg set, etc.

        As to the fence, well---I got to be honest---If Rigid offered a copy of the 3612 fence---go for it, but the original 2424 fence wasn't the best. If the price is right---OK--but if you can swing about $240 or so, get a Biesemeyer or similar fence.

        But, don't expect any sympathy about buying parts---that's a heck of a deal.

        BTW---when you get all your needed parts---if I were you---take the manual and start from scratch---frankly I wouldn't trust any assembly done at HD.


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          As to the fence, well---I got to be honest---If Rigid offered a copy of the 3612 fence---go for it, but the original 2424 fence wasn't the best. If the price is right---OK--but if you can swing about $240 or so, get a Biesemeyer or similar fence.
          Absolutly.... get a Biesemeyer

          I won't trash my fence, but if I didn't have one.......get a Biesemeyer
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            There are several good fences out there. Besides the one that was mentioned in the other posts, you may want to look at Vega and Incra. I am sure there are others. I just cannot remember now. IMO, they are all expensive.


            If the legs are too expensive, you may want to consider building one of these. I have considered removing my legs and building the plan below. Space is a huge issue for me.



            Here is a thread from another forum.
            This is another stand idea.

            Disclaimer: I am new at this and have never used any those fences. Which is best for you is a matter of $$$, what you will do with it and what you like. In general, the posts on the other forums give all these good reviews.

            Let us know what you do.


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              Hi All,
              I want to Thank You all for the feedback,you all have been very very informative.
              As far as the fence goes...the AC1036 is an upgrade 12/36 from the 24/24...and I did look at several different types of fences from Accusquare to Vega,as cost and quality goes the Ridgid will be the way to go.I couldnt find a Biesemeyer under $300,and for my general use the Ridgid is the best deal.
              I have also taken the legs into consideration and may just go with what is offered from Ridgid. I think the proper legs and the Herc-U-Lift will be good for mobility.
              With all the accessories and aftermarket parts from Ridgid,it may run me about $300 to complete the saw,I think that will be an awsome deal on a $600+ saw.And I feel most of you will agree.
              Thank You All Again.


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                Biesemeyer 12/52 is $289 from amazon, or look at their scratch and dents on the Bies website. Sometimes you can ut a set together for around $250

                Also check the local woodcraft as customers sometimes want to upgrade and have a nice fence for sale.


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                  I think you made a good choice on the 1036 fence, I really like the one on my 2424. Good haul on the saw....way to be in the right place....
                  Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                    Have to say the worst prices on the Biese' Home Shop, comparing equal capacity, is $269 and as was said, looking at scratch and dent or even used, could shave a lot off.

                    It's been said many times that the biggest single selling point of a saw is it's fence. There's just no way you can compare the old design Rigid fence to a Biese'.


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                      I have to say I'm overwhelmed from the rapid responces to my requests/questions. But I feel I must make myself clear on this so all of you can get a better understanding on what my intentions are reguarding this saw.
                      I was lucky to be there at the right time,and I did make a gr8 score on the table saw,but,I am,in no way a WW. I did speak with my brother about the Beis Fence systems and his reply was that for what Im going to use the saw for,it would be a waste of $$$ for me.I can nearly complete the saw for a few more $$$ than what a Bies would cost me.Im just starting out in this field and all the help I can get is appreciated.
                      Athought the saw cost next to nothing,I'm still on somewhat of a buget and would like to keep the cost down.I'm also having trouble rackin up the money now to complete the saw but I'm itching to use this baby.Thank You All Again.


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                        I went to HD today to grab a belt for my TS2424 that I need parts for,as we all know and you all have been very helpful.
                        When I went into the tool crib, I had to keep from drooling over the new TS3612 they had on display,and just picturing what mine will look like it when she's done.
                        A young man approched me and asked if I needed any help,I inquired about a new belt for my saw and his reply was that I could get 1 at my loacl auto-parts store.Now I may new to this but I'm not to sure about finding that belt at Pep-Boys.
                        If this is true will it be cheaper to get it there then have to pay shipping? Or may I just be better off ordering it?


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                          The belt is a V-type belt, but it's composits are different from automotive belts. You would experience greater vibration. Since the motor weight itself yields the belt tension on your saw, you probably would experience slipping from an automotive belt of the same size.

                          From what I can gather you made a "one in a lifetime" deal with your saw. I'd put everything on it that should have came with it, including the belt. Use the saw and get the feel of it. I have the 2424 and it is a masterpiece.

                          There is all kinds of addon's to the saw you can do later when you develope skills and techniques that outgrow the stock set up.

                          Just keep pluggin away at it, and doing what your doing with Ridgid's forums by seeking knowledge. We all love to help. You'll be there in no time! And take photo's! Personally, I love photo's; Each one is worth a million words...
                          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>