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T-slot on TS3650

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  • T-slot on TS3650

    Does anyone know where to purchase hardware (T-nuts or bolts)that is the proper size to fit the T-slots on the top of the TS3650. There seem to be many suppliers of this hardware for metal working tools but I don't see anything that is the correct size for the TS3660 T-slot. I would think that Ridgid would have had some standard hardware in mind when they picked this T-slot other than the Miter Gauge that they supply with the saw.

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    Paul: You can get them from Woodcraft. Here's a link to them:

    Also, if you watch which featherboard you buy it will have them that you can use on other jigs. The t-slot is the standard size for woodworking applications.

    Hope this helps,



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      Thanks! I see that these actually say that they are for T-Tracks and fit most table saw T-slots. I had seen other suppliers that offer this T-Track and various parts to use with them to make your own jigs but I have not seen anyone that actually shows the demensions. I will assume that these T-Track comaptible parts will fit the TS3650 table saw miter slot and purchase one of these fairly inexpensive kits and try it out before buying any of the more expensive one. Guess if your clever enough you can figure out how to fixture just about anything.

      The fence came with a some square headed bolts that fit the smaller track in the fense. And the fense is light enough that I could take it to the hardware store and match it up to hardware but the table saw is a little heavy to take with you shopping.

      Glad to find out that there is a standard.


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        cant you just use a standard 1/4 x 20 bolt.

        works fine for me.


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          Not for the Miter Gauge T-slot on the top of the saw.


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            Toilet hold down bolts also can be adapted for use.


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              Late on this, but there is a great website that sells all sorts of usefull stuff for making jigs. T-slots, miter slot riders, etc. I've purchased a few things from them and think they are reasonable and speedy.

              Might-T Track

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