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  • ridgid 3650 setup

    I have worked long and hard to get my 3650 table saw setup. My problem is that the spacer bar, while parallel to the side of table, slopes downward from front of the saw to the rear. The slots that the spacer bar fit into on the front rip fence guide and the rear fence guide bar are not level. The front slot is 3/16 higher than the the rear slot.. I would like to add a rounter table someday and this could be a real problem in getting it level..Am I doing something wrong or is this the way the saw sets up? Thanks for anything to help in advance. Corkster....

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    Not sure what you mean by spacer bar?


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      The spacer bar, as explained on page 32 of the manual is placed between the front rip fence bar and the rear rip fence bar. I assume it is placed to give stability and spacing where there is no table top. Thanks


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        These would be a few of the things I'd check;

        1. Is the floor level?
        2. Is the Herc-U-Lift up or down?
        3. Are the rubber feet all at the same height?
        4. The rails have some vertical play in them. Maybe you can play around with them a little.
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          The front slot is 3/16 higher than the the rear slot..
          I think you might be assuming the tops of the rails are at the same height. They are not. The slots are different distances from the top of the rail (about 3/16") so the bar is level (at they are on mine). Adding a router table that sits on top of the rails requires a different depth rabbet at the front and back.


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            Thanks ByteButcher..Comforting to know that my set up was correct. Thanks also to the solution for the router table...