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    I got the TS2412 with the stamped wings. What a pain. Wishing now that I wasn't so cheap and paid the money for the TS2424. The stamped wings are warped pretty bad. I can force the edge that bolts to the table saw to be level by bolting the middle bolts tight then forcing the ends down with c-clamps, but this doesn't help the opposite edge. I'm left with a big bow at that end, on both wings. I'm going to spend the money and upgrade to cast iron wings. Just wanted to know if anyone out there has ever put a straight edge to the top of there cast iron wings and checked for flatness? I can fit a .060 shim between the stamped wings and a straight edge. Does anyone know what ridgid's tolerance for flatness is on the cast iron wings? not going to spend the money if they aren't flat.

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    I put a straight edge on my 3612 wings and did a very unscientific test for flatness. With the straight edge running right to left across the front of the wings, both were dead on flat. With the straight edge running front to back, one wing was dead on flat and the other had a slight bow in it maybe the thickness of a piece of 20wt. paper. I only layed the straight edge on the wings and didn't use the saw top. HTH.
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      Glad I paid the extra $$ for cast iron wings on my Craftsman TS.


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        Ye sthe cast wings are nice. I have them on my 3612. Only negative is that the open design will smart your fingertips if you are not careful when slidinging the fence by. Think they fixed it on the 3650.

        Check ebay. I saw these a week or so ago (just read your post today). Some good deals can be had.