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Just bought the Ridgid Jointer.......

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  • Just bought the Ridgid Jointer.......

    Hello Folks,

    I am going to pick it up tomorrow from Home Depot.

    Any tips & tricks on assembly that I should know about? I downloaded the manual from this site. It looks pretty straightforward.



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    One thing I can think of that would be helpful is get someone to help you lift the jointer onto the stand. It is one heavy piece. Don't be a hero and risk hurting your is not worth it!
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      "But Doc , how could I have hurt myself? It only weighted 213lbs! "
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        Congrats Bill---it's a pretty good tool. I know your anxious to get it fired up, but if you planned on putting in on a mobile base, now's the time. I mention this, not only for the conveinence, but at least for me, at 5'9", that bed sits a little low and a mobile base would raise it up a bit.

        Otherwise, follow good practices on checking fence and bed alignment. A good 3ft. straight edge helps. Good luck


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          I have one HUGE suggestion for you. I notified ridgid of this problem and the solution my friend came up with, i do not know if they incorporated it into their new manuals.

          If you have to adjust your blades, the directions they used to give were terrible. Following those instructions it took me over 6 months to get my jointer up and running properly. (the first problem i had was one of the blades was cracked horizontally, it was amazing, i still have the blade. Ridgid did send me out a new set under warranty but i wanted to get my jointer going NOW so i went to sears and picked up a set of 6" craftsman jointer blades (same price as the ridgid) and followed the directions in the book to the letter. could not get it right. went out and bought one of those "jointer pal's or jointer buddy's" the magnet set, and still had problems. (i am not very mechanically inclined). I had a friend come by one day and he had me up and running properly in about 15 minutes. What he did was lightly snugged up the bolts which held the blade in the drum BEFORE adjusting the jack screws. once the blade was adjusted properly he merely snugged up the bolts that hold it in place and it worked great. he did not have one with him, but one of the things he recommended to me for future alignments is to get a large magnet from an old speaker and center it. works much better than that jointer pal magnet set. at least for the non mechanically inclined like me.

          Hopefully your blades will be adjusted properly out of the box, but if they are not, this is the best advice i can give you for getting them right.

          Hopefully ridgid's instruction manual was updated to incorporate this step, because it makes life a hell of a lot easier aliging those blades.

          thanks and happy holidays!


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            I'll second dave, Definitely put it higher if you are over 5' 6" tall. I am 5'10", it is on a mobile base about 2" high, it is still a little low for comfortable use


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              Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate all the feedback. I got the jointer up and running and it works great. I jointed a 6 foot board without any snipe. The instructions were great too. Overall, a nice machine.


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                This tool loves to spew chips and isn't friendly to being used with 2 1/2" wet vac hose. The chips build up and come out the cutter head. If you have 4" no problem. If you are forced to use the 2 1/2" buy about 4 ft of 4" flexible hose hook it to the chute then put a 4" to 2 1/2" adapter at the other end. This allows the chips a place to go without clogging in the small hose and allows the wet dry vac to keep up with it.


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                  Got my jointer today but can't put it togheter till Sat. or Xmas, A present you know but i am looking forward to putting it toghter also where can i get a good straight edge for putting this bad boy togheter?


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                    Try They have some reasonable straight edges.


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                      Excellent jointer! Good-luck!