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  • TS3650 and dado

    I just bought a Freud SD608 and it's the best dado I have ever seen. It's a little pricey at $210 but worth every penny. The chippers are 4-wing and the thing cuts extremely clean. The outer blade is adjustable which eliminates the need for shims. My problem is the arbor on my TS3650 saw isn't long enough to use all the chippers. The max cut is 29/32" but I can't get more than 9/16" because of the short arbor. Is there any way to extend the arbor on this saw?

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    The Freud SD608 has been discussed several times recently. It requires a 1 5/8" arbor. The 3650 has a 1 1/8" arbor. As you found out it wont work on the 3650. I can think of no way of extending the arbor without replacing it and I doubt if anyone wants to try that. I use an 8" Oldham Signature Dado set available from HD for about $70. It works well for me.

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      Outrage: One of the reasons I purchased the TS 3650 was because the HD "Tool Guy" told me that it had a 2" arbor. Needless to say, I was a little torqued the first time I went to put my dado on and saw the length of the arbor. Don't know why I didn't notice when I was changing blades.

      I have a Craftsman Excalibur Elite dado blade, which does an excellent job by the way, and I can just barely get a full nut of threads if cutting a 3/4 inch dado. After discovering this, I tried my cheaper stack dado and it goes on OK.

      Apparently the "Tool Guy" was working at a Seven/Eleven the day before he became the HD tool expert.

      That being said, I guess it's as much my fault as his for not checking. I just wish HD would actually have someone that new something about the products they have in stock.

      Next time I will know better than to take the "Tool Guys" word. I'm still VERY Happy with the 3650, I just wish it had the longer arbor.



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        Lorax, I looked at the arbor closely and I think I can replace it without too much trouble. I just have to remove the pulley and key, and remove a ring clip. The arbor is probably pressed into the bearings but I have the tools to handle that. Do you know where I can buy a longer arbor?


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          There may be a reason that the arbor length was limited to 1.125", maybe due to the choices made in design or material selection for the bearings and and castings. If these materials are not up to the task of supporting the weight, stress, and forces generated by a heavy dado such as the Freud and others they may have intentionally shortened the arbor length so these accessories could not be mounted on the saw.


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            I was thinking of of buying a Ts3650 saw and would like to use it to cut dado's 13/16 wide and smaller. Is this saw capable of doing so with a normal stacked dado blade without the adjustable outer blade? Does the adjustable outer blade on the Freud SD608 make it to wide to fit on this saw? or is the saw only capable of cutting 9/16 wide dado's with every or any dado blade?

            Thank you for any advice you can give me on the subject.


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              The 3650 will cut up to a 13/16" dado using a conventional dado set.
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                I have the Freud608 dado. The short arbor on the TS3650 prevents you from using all the chippers at once. Max cut is 11/16 with this dado. Also, arbor wrench supplied with the Freud doesn't fit the weird arbor nut on the 3650. I had to make one.