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Lifetime Warranty? Hoops

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    Re: Lifetime Warranty? Hoops

    Like most things, I assume the Ridgid is warranted against manufacturing defects. I assume it is NOT warranted against misuse, or normal wear and tear. Things do NOT last forever. Batteries wear out, bearings wear out, etc. Nothing is forever! A 3 year warranty on stuff like that is quite reasonable.

    It is important to remember that things like drills etc. are mainly box store items, made you-know-where by One World Technologies, with the Ridgid name licensed. If you expect this to last as long as a made-in-USA Ridgid drain machine, or whatever, you have not been paying attention to a changing world!


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      Re: Lifetime Warranty? Hoops

      Looks like I should have stopped by this earlier.

      Hey Doug,

      Sorry that you don't have a clue, but that's okay... I'm just going to figure you are having a bad day, maybe Santa skipped you over this year or perhaps you're still suffering from a night on the town, New Year's Eve.

      Whatever, you apparently just didn't read far enough or are under the assumption that everthing with the "Ridgid" brand name is made by and under the same warranty as everything else. If you own a "Ridgid" power tool, you must not have read any of the paperwork, including the warranty statement in the owner's manual. I'm sure you are not alone.

      In any case, I won't repeat to you what I've already written, becaues you've obviously read absolutely everything on the subject and it still didn't sink in. It is too bad that you've taken such a narrow-minded point of view though, but that isn't my fault... but, good luck with that!



      Thank you so much for the kind words. It's nice to be thought of positively.


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        Re: Lifetime Warranty? Hoops

        Originally posted by Doug_Davis View Post
        How much money are they paying you to shill for Rigid?
        Their own website says they have a lifetime warranty. Right here:
        RIDGID Warranty - RIDGID Professional Tools

        Says it applies to all tools for the lifetime of the tool.

        Do you actually do any work with their tools? Because it seems you spend most of your day posting here and defending Rigid.
        I read the link Doug used and wondered where it came from, so I went looking and (of course) found he was citing the plumbing tools warranty. The correct warranty information is found under the correct sections - Doug, that would be the section labeled "Power Tools" or just for people like you, the one with the picture of a power tool.

        I just do not understand why people feel so free to prove they are obnoxious. I pray for their children and spouses - must be a hard life. (actually I pray they are sterile)