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Porter Cable Dovetail Jig

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  • Porter Cable Dovetail Jig

    Yesterday I bought a 12 inch Porter Cable Deluxe Dovetail Jig #4212. I read the instruction manual - twice - and set the machine up on my shop workbench. The first half blind dovetails I ran were perfect, or as near to perfect as could be expected, no sanding, tail trimming etc. needed. Things have only gotten better since. This is a great tool. A great investment.

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    I have been looking at a decent dovetail jig that wouldn't run me a second mortgage. I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the P-C jig. Just might go get me one.


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      Does this allow variable spacing of the dovetials?



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        e-barr, ba-doyn

        The jig cost me $149.00 minus 10%, whatever that comes to, at Woodcraft. The jig comes with two templates and each has the capability to cut two or more types of dovetails. There are also additional kits available for cutting dovetails on very small pieces. I have no idea what the prices for the kits are.

        Unfortunately the jig will not cut infinitely spaced dovetails. I considered that as I investigated jigs and found the ones that would cut them start at about $300.00. For now I can live without that option or I can drive an hour north and use my father's. Maybe when I have some spare time I could learn to cut dovetails by hand. I think that would be fun.

        The instruction book sequences cutting of thru dovetails by cutting the tails first. My limited experience has been that it is more accurate for me to cut the pins first. The pointed configuration of the pin template lends itself to more accurate measuring than the rounded configuration of the tail template.