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Extension Table for TS2400

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  • Extension Table for TS2400

    Hi Everyone,
    I just bought a TS2400 table saw. So far, I really like it -- the saw is smooth and solid.

    My question is, has anyone built extension tables for this saw? I especially would like to build an extension in the rear of the table.

    Any suggestions?

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    I also recently bought this saw and have been really enjoying it. I have been contemplating the extension issue as well, but what ever the solution is it must remain quick & easy to fold up and put away in the corner.

    I've been thinking of just getting 1 or 2 of the Ridgid Flip-Top Portable Work Supports (AC9933). They look to be pretty solid & stable and the height adjustment is an excellent design. They are only $30 each and may just be the simplest solution.

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      I have been using an adjustable roller stand for support but I am not happy with it. I looked at that Ridgid flip flop support and kinda felt it was about the same as my rollers. I have adjustable saw horses but they are usually serving as assembly tables so I too have thought about an outfeed table but I have not had the time to work it out. Yes, convenience of storage and setup is important - but so is stability - I'll work it out someday soon, meanwhile, MSchenker (can I just call your M?)get some cuttin done and enjoy the saw.


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        The Ridgid FlipTop stands are very nice, much bette than a roller stand. With the FlipTop design you don't have to worry about your workpiece drooping down and not being supported like with a roller stand. For 430 they are sure worth every penny.