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    I'm looking for some jigs that I can download from the internet for my tablesaw.I want to make box joints,and dovetail joints. I know you can make box joints with a tablesaw but what about dovetail joints?

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    Box joints can be made with a dado, but I know of no way to make dovetails on a table saw. The only power tool I know of that can is a router or router table.


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      There is one sight that I know of that has a lot of plans for jigs. check out If I remember most plans cost about $5.00. I've downloaded some and there are clear and easy to understand. You will need a router to make dovetail joints or at least a good dovetail saw if you want to cut them by hand. I hope this helps. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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        I was in Lee Valley Tools (Toronto West)about a month ago and they had a video playing where the guy was cutting dovetails on the table saw. On this same video, the guy also demonstrated table saw set up and alignment, jointer set up and alignment and kept using post it notes as shims. He covered most shop tools. I don't know the name of the video (even though I watched it for over 45 minutes).

        If you write LV, they will probably know the video. I thought his technique was cool and would like to try it some time.

        If you find out, post the name.


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          I think the tape you are referring to is Mark Duginske's "Mastering Woodworking Machines". This tape is available from Taunton Press, the people who publish Fine Woodworking. You can order it from their website. It's a great tape. He also has one on Bandsaws. He is a noted expert in the field.


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            Also, check out the current issue of Fine Woodworking for an article on cutting dovetails on a table saw. It's pretty nice: there's a custom set on your blade but nothing else that costs any money.

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              Hey Ridgid_rocks,
              the Feb 2002 issue of Woodworker's Journal has an article on building "the best's adjustable!" box joint jig.
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