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ts3650 bevel adjustment

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  • ts3650 bevel adjustment

    i have noticed that as i change the bevel adjustment, the crank turns easily from 0 through about 39 degrees. after this it is a struggle to get to 45. is there some adjustment i can do or is it the fact that i am fighting the weight of the motor? also, what you recommend to lubricate this? thanks for the help


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    Re: ts3650 bevel adjustment

    I'm thinking that you probably have a little sawdust buildup going on here. When was the last time you cleaned the inside of your saw?
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      Re: ts3650 bevel adjustment

      +1 on previous suggestion. also, check the plate inside the cabinet that secures the bevel adjustment rod to the cabinet. if it is too tight or misaligned, it can affect the effort required to compensate for the increased drag caused by the raising of the motor. i used a dry lube on the linkage once it was cleaned. that significantly reduced the effort required to bevel the blade.
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        Re: ts3650 bevel adjustment

        I used a small plastic bristle brush (an old toothbrush works well too) to clean the sawdust buildup off the threads. The other area to check is the ends of the ways that the trunion runs in. Sawdust gets packed in there.

        Look at the TS-3650 Repair Sheet on page 18.

        Item 39 is the cradle, the ends of it have a key in the shape of an arc which rides in the trunions (item 6).
        Make sure that sawdust has not built up in this area. An old toothbrush or similar tool will work nicely to
        clear it out, but do not use anything that would mar or gouge the ways as it will affect the bevel operation
        of the blade.

        Also make sure you have set the stops IAW the manual. You may need to reset them once you remove
        any sawdust or you might get some over-travel.

        Also read through the TS-3650 Assembly Tips thread at the top of this forum. There is loads of information on
        the 3650 from many forum members on just about anythign related to this saw.
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          Re: ts3650 bevel adjustment

          I have that same trouble with my Sawstop Saw, I found it is time to take the air hose to it and get the sawdust out of the threads and such. These newer table saws are being made to closer tolerances and has very little room for dust. Thanx Richard